Modern Non-League Footballers as Comic Book Characters..No.2

A (probably still) occasional series..


Leon Henry Frickley Athletic

– Frickley Athletic’s Leon Henry may look small and easy to win headers against, but his aerial prowess is second-to-none, thanks to his magic boots (which were given to him by his grandmother. probably) –

1. Leon easily outjumps the opposing cenre-half and wins the ball, despite the bemused defender’s two-foot height advantage..

2. Next Leon goes one-on-one with the goalkeeper – only one winner here, surely?

3. Yes, it’s Leon! His magic boots help win the ball and get him a shot on goal, which…… unfortunately goes narrowly over the bar (okay so the magic boots aren’t perfect, they are hundreds of years old after all!).

4. Luckily, the boots have one more trick up their sleeve though, and Leon nips past the Brazilian – sorry, ‘Garforth’ –  number 4…

5. Who leaves a leg out, gets himself sent off, and gives away a direct free-kick from which James Ashmore thumps home the winner.

(Pictures taken from Garforth Town v Frickley Athletic, FA Cup First Qualifying Round September 2011.)

P.S. If the FA are reading, Leon’s boots aren’t really magic. At least not so you could ever prove, eh chaps?

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