Wakefield FC versus the Bulldozers, Nov 2011.

Wakefield College Grove Meets The Bulldozers…. (November 2011)

This was the scene this week at College Grove in Wakefield, the former home of Wakefield FC (and prior to that, home to Wakefield Rugby Club). A couple of days ago, there was still a pitch (though a tad unkempt) – now, there is no sign of it whatsoever. Other bits of the ground already removed include the turnstiles, most of the outside wall, the pitch perimeter rail, the small covered standing area from behind the top goal, and various club offices/portacabins. My understanding (based purely on what I’ve been told) is that the main seated stand is likely to remain intact though. Due to the occasional gaps in the fence, it’s pretty easy to follow the progress at the moment, and take a few photos from outside the ground.
If you use the A-Z ‘Wakefield FC’ link on the right, there are a couple of match reports from their time at College Grove (including the last ever match there in April 2011), and also some photos taken last winter when the ground was snowbound. Reports suggest the former football section will soon be redeveloped into a second hockey pitch, to augment the one already adjacent to it. All being well, I shall pop back again in a couple of weeks and see how things are progressing.
Meanwhile, if you’re local to Wakefield, Wakefield FC could currently do with all the help they can get during the present season, which sees them groundsharing and playing at Ossett Town’s ground. The club could also do with someone with a few spare bob to come on board, according to these recent articles in the local press:
The club itself, can be found on t’internet at: http://www.wakefieldfc.com/
Hopefully the club can keep afloat and eventually pull things round – as well as the people behind the scenes, as always you’ve got to feel sympathy for their fans in times like these.

UPDATED PICS, DECEMBER 2011 – work appears to be progressing on the new playing surface, with what looks to be some form of drainage system already having been laid beneath it.


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2 Responses to Wakefield FC versus the Bulldozers, Nov 2011.

  1. Great photos thanks, takes me back to a couple of saturdays in the cold at College Grove

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