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The cum-Frickley team held its first Saturday practice match at the week-end, where this season’s ‘Probables’ took on a team of ‘Possibles’ from Halifax. The result was a ‘draw’ with Frickley applying their usual friendly rules of only allowing themselves to score from within their own half, while their opponents were trying out some luminous orange shirts. Frickley’s goal can be seen in the link below, with Greg Pearson’s half-volley from 60 yards outwitting the Halifax custodian.

A few days earlier, the Frickleyites had their first mid-week practice, taking on a junior side from the Barnsley area and running out 1-0 victors. It should be concluded then, that a most satisfactory season can be looked forward to at Westfield Lane, and under the management of Mr.K.Rose and his assistant, Mr.L.Stratford, the spectators are likely to see some very clever football indeed being played.

Off the field, the efforts of the committee have not gone un-noticed, with the current playing surface being remarked on as ‘resembling that of a bowling green’, and the completion of some adjoining pitches for the local community which can be seen in the photographic illustrations below being yet another welcome sight amongst many welcome sights at the Westfield Lane enclosure.

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The new changing facilities are also nearing completion, and visiting players and officials coming to Frickley will soon be able to take advantage of some of the best washrooms in the region. As usual, plenty of pies, peas and chipped potatoes have been ordered to satisfy the spectators, and season tickets are said to be very reasonably priced, with home supporters also hoping for a cup final against a team that turns up in the forthcoming campaign.

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