Why Non-League?:  Let’s face it,
  • It’s better value for money
  • You’re not in any danger of getting treated like part of a police training exercise
  • Everyone’s involved because they enjoy it, which tends to make things a lot friendlier (sometimes you really do feel like you’ve been invited round to someone’s house for the afternoon, rather than turned up in enemy territory about to do battle)
  • You feel like you’re contributing to essential grassroots football on a wider scale, rather than a small pool of unnecessary bank balances
  • Once in the ground, you can do pretty much as you please.
  • Oh, and (whisper), the entertainment on the pitch is often better too.
The site: Equal parts self-indulgence and something of interest to the non-league traveller, and to hopefully encourage more grass roots football attending along the way.

7 Responses to About

  1. Paul Hatt says:

    Just found this site and agree entirely with your comments here on your “About” page in respect of Non-League football. Great articles and pictures. Don’t know if you would be interested in swapping links? I have a “suggested websites” category which I would be happy to list you in. Cheers

  2. Thanks for that Paul – sure, just let me know what address you want me to link to (presumably the one I get by clicking your profile icon thingy?)

  3. Paul Hatt says:

    Yes website can be found @ http://www.footballbookreviews.com

    I’ll add your site to my list of “Suggested websites” with, if agreeable to you, the details you have on your About page.


  4. Arthur Haigh says:

    Hi there. I think we were talking at the Askern v Ponte match that you have on here. I’m Arthur the photographer with Ponte.

    I don’t know how I found this but I’m glad I did as it looks as though theres some good reading on here (as well as pictures)

    Let me know if I can add a link to it on my photography website as I’m sure a lot of my visitors will love it.

    • Hi Arthur from Ponte! Yes indeed it was me you had a natter with at Askern a few weeks back.
      A link from your site would be great thanks, and I’ll add a link to yours next time I update the Links page ok?

  5. The Onion bag says:

    Hi, The picture at the top of your blog…. from which ground was this photo taken ?

    • Hi Mr.O’Bag
      The one at the top at the moment is Sheffield FC’s Coach & Horses ground in Dronfield (the adjoining pub on the main road is the building you can see on the right in the background). I should probably change it sometime soon as it’s a couple of years old and was taken at an FA Cup against Frickley Athletic.

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